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Some Customer Testimonials

I sent 2 boxes to a friend in NJ as a thank you. They arrived fast & were the perfect gift! And with a mission like yours - finally a way to eat chocolates guilt-free!!!”  JG


Thank you again. My sister shared some of your chocolates with me and they are so delicious. Excited to share these with my friend in California.” MB


I purchased 3 fabulous boxes of your milk chocolates. I shared them with over 25 people!! Everyone loved them.” SL

Thank you.  Now I can share the chocolates and the ministry with my class next Sunday.”  DJ


 “I received my order and the chocolates are delish. Prayers for your business to grow.” VG


"My daughter and I met Hope Chocolates at the Haddon Heights Farmers Market. We were selling the dog treats. I think you’re doing amazing work. It really touched us today. Thank you for caring."  NP

And Some More Testimonials


Thank you for working with me to create a memorable party favor in support of a worthy cause. The chocolate is delicious and one of my guests made a donation to the ministry. Blessings”  KM


“I ordered chocolate bars from Hope Chocolates recently. They were well packaged and unbroken. (I live in Wisconsin.) The chocolate was delicious, smooth, and well-tempered. I highly recommend and will buy again, right after I finish this review!” SZ

Great cause, outstanding workers. A beautiful representation of nonprofits.”  RB

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