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Unveil a World of Flavors with Hope Chocolates’ box of assorted filled chocolates! Dive into a universe where each bite takes you on an exquisite journey of unique flavors and premium chocolate craftsmanship.


Presenting our Assorted Filled Chocolate Delights - your passport to explore a curated selection of velvety rich and intricately flavored chocolates. Each piece harmonizes premium Belgian chocolate with delectable fillings. There is a piece for every taste.


Why Choose Our Assorted Filled Chocolate Box?

  • Experience Diversity: A journey through varied, exquisite flavors, celebrating the love for chocolate in multiple incarnations.
  • Gift with Purpose: Beyond a delightful present, your purchase echoes our mission at Hope Chocolates, sharing love and skills with our employee community.
  • Elegance in a Box: Delicately laid in an elegant box, a treat to the eyes as much as to the taste.

With every box of Hope Chocolates’ assorted delights, you’re not just gifting or enjoying a luxurious assortment of chocolates but also becoming a part of a story where sweetness enriches beyond the box, nurturing lives, and crafting futures.

9 Piece Assorted Filled Chocolate Delights

SKU: HC1047
  • Each Box contains:

    1) Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt - A wave of contrasting sensations!

    2) Milk Chocolate Orange Jelly - Citrusy, sweet enchantment!

    3) Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream - A berry delightful creaminess!

    4) Milk Chocolate Vanilla Butter Cream - Smooth, buttery elegance!

    5) Milk Chocolate Coconut Vanilla Cream - Tropical velvet dream!

    6) Milk Chocolate Caramel - Classic, delicious indulgence!

    7) Dark Chocolate Mint Cream - A refreshing palate cleanse!

    8) Milk Chocolate Raspberry Jelly - Bursting with berry goodness!

    9) Dark Chocolate Coffee Cream - A rich, aromatic escapade!

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