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A Twist of Elegance: A Dozen Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Delve into a whirlwind of flavors with our dark chocolate covered pretzels: Where Crunch Meets Luxury and Each Bite Spells Hope.


Enveloped in the velvety allure of premium Belgian dark chocolate, our pretzels blend the perfect harmony of crunch and melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Whether it's a cozy movie night or a thoughtful gesture to a friend, this box promises moments of sheer delight and a crescendo of impactful change.


Dive into the Golden Box & Discover  

  • Dark & Delicious: Revel in the richness of exquisite Belgian dark chocolate.
  • Twist of Satisfaction: Relish the juxtaposition of crunchy pretzel and smooth chocolate.
  • Echoes of Impact: Each pretzel is a pledge to positive change, reshaping the futures of men and women post-incarceration.



We covered a dozen pretzels with our premium Belgian Dark Chocolate. They are a great gift idea for your friend or for you to snack on while watching your favorite movie.

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists

SKU: HC1036
  • With our Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, everyday moments are transformed into gestures of kindness resonating with deeper meaning. Let your love for chocolate pave the way for change.

    Our dozen chocolate covered pretzels come packaged in a decorative gold box. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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