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Embark on a Flavorful Journey Through Love's Expressions with Our Two Dozen Hearts and Roses Assorted Chocolate!  Our two dozen solid chocolate hearts and roses within this enchanting box are meticulously crafted from the finest Belgian chocolate, offering four each of velvety milk chocolate, sumptuous white chocolate, and luxuriously rich dark chocolate. Every piece becomes a step along a path of exquisite flavor and loving sentiment, designed to create unforgettable moments.

Within Your Captivating 5 x 6 Inch Box:

  • Exquisite Craft: 8 oz. of a chocolate treasure trove, where quality and craft meet.
  • Beautiful Allegory: Heart and rose-shaped chocolates symbolizing love and admiration in every form.
  • Tangible Impact: Each piece is a note in our symphony of social change and empowerment.

Our two dozen solid hearts and roses are a palette of love in every bite. They are a great idea for the one that has captured your heart.

Two Dozen Hearts and Roses Assorted Chocolate 8 oz

SKU: HC1062
  • A Melodious Gift of Love and Flavor: These chocolates don’t just convey love; they whisper tales of endearment, unfolding with each varied flavor from our Belgian chocolate collection. Your gift will become a cherished memory, symbolic of love, understanding, and compassionate social impact, bound to captivate the heart of someone special.

    Embark on a Melodious Love Affair with Chocolate: Order Your Hearts and Roses Assorted Chocolate Today! Our hearts and roses come in a 5 x 6 inch box. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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