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Embark on a Symphony of Sweetness and Purpose, a Timeless Ode to Love and a Beacon of Hope!  Serenade your senses and heartstrings with our delicate Belgian milk chocolate hearts and roses, meticulously crafted to embody the purity of love and the luxury of flavor. Each bite not only caresses your palate but also extends a hand to those in need.


Your Harmonious Ensemble Unveils  

  • Velvety Love: Delight in 7 oz. of delightfully smooth Belgian milk chocolate.
  • Artistic Beauty: Admire the craftsmanship behind each heart and rose.
  • A Heartbeat of Change: Feel the impact of your contribution towards hope and transformation.

Our two dozen hearts and roses of solid Milk Chocolate in a beautiful box is filled with two rows of premium imported Belgian chocolate. This is a great gift idea for one that has captured your heart.

Two Dozen Hearts & Roses Premium Milk Chocolate 7 oz

SKU: HC1059
  • Gift Love, Gift Change: Your gesture of affection blossoms into more than a sweet moment; it becomes a pivotal note in the symphony of social impact and transformation

    Bestow Your Hearts & Roses Today! Our hearts and roses come in a 5 x 6 inch box. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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