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A Delightful Dichotomy of Flavor and Texture, Wrapped in Purpose: Dive into a World Where Crispy Meets Creamy with Our Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods! A symphony of rich, robust flavors of premium Belgian dark chocolate entwined with the delightfully crispy textures of perfectly baked pretzels!


Key Highlights:

  • Heavenly Dark Chocolate: Engage in an indulgent experience with the luxurious, bold flavors of top-tier Belgian dark chocolate.
  • Crunchy Pretzels: Savor the perfectly balanced, salty undertone of meticulously baked pretzel rods.
  • A Snack for All Moments: Whether you’re on the go or unwinding with a good book, these pretzel rods are your timeless snack companion.

Hope Bar Dark Chocolate 10 pack

SKU: HC1066
  • Taste Meets Purpose, Multiplied: As you journey through every rich, savory bite, you become an ally in our mission in Camden, NJ. Every purchase is a step towards sculpting futures, empowering those navigating life post-prison with employment, skill-building, and a nurturing environment to sprout new beginnings within the creative and innovative world of chocolatiers.

    Our dozen chocolate covered pretzels come packaged in a cellophane bag. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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