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LOVE Bar White Chocolate: A Melting Moment of Sweetness and Art: Indulge in Art and Love with Hope Chocolates' LOVE Bar White Chocolate!  Experience the melding of art, love, and exquisite flavor with our LOVE Bar White Chocolate. Crafted in homage to Philadelphia's renowned LOVE sculpture, this 5.25" x 7.5" chocolate bar symbolizes more than affection—it’s a connection, a memory, and a shared moment, expertly carved from a block of velvety, premium Belgian white chocolate.

Unbox a Universe of Flavors and Memories:  

  • Pure Indulgence: Relish the creamy, luxurious escapade offered by genuine Belgian white chocolate.
  • Iconic Gesture: Reminisce and celebrate love through a delicately crafted edible masterpiece.
  • Gift with a Story: Bestow more than just chocolate - gift a token of appreciation, love, and iconic elegance.

LOVE Bar White Chocolate

SKU: HC1034
  • The Perfect Harmonization of Taste and Significance. As you gift the LOVE Bar White Chocolate, you share more than a mere physical item. It’s an encapsulation of love in its myriad forms, moments of shared history, and a delicate whisper of every heartfelt “I Love You” ever uttered under the watchful gaze of Philadelphia's emblematic LOVE sculpture.

    Deliver a Piece of Artistic History, Enriched with Belgian Chocolate Bliss. Order Your LOVE Bar White Chocolate Today! Our LOVE Bar comes packaged in a decorative box. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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