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A Delightful and Impactful Treat from Hope Chocolates: Hope Chocolates presents milk chocolate covered pretzels with nonpareils – a blend of fun, sweetness, and hopeful impact!

Enjoy and Make a Difference: Dive into a world where the irresistible crunch of pretzels, bathed in sumptuous Belgian milk chocolate, becomes a medium of positivity and change. Unbox a dozen treats, where half are joyfully adorned with vibrant nonpareils, each bite not only a festive celebration but also a step towards transforming the lives of men and women post-incarceration.

Why Choose Our Chocolate Covered Pretzels:

  • Playful and Luxurious: Revel in the delicious contrast of salty pretzels and rich, premium Belgian milk chocolate.
  • Celebratory Sprinkles: Enjoy a fun and festive twist with colorful nonpareils on each chocolaty bite.
  • Transformative Impact: Your enjoyment supports our mission, enhancing lives post-release.

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists with Nonpareils

SKU: HC1039
  • Gifts that Echo with Sweetness and Purpose: Whether a thoughtful present for a friend or a delightful snack for your movie nights, our chocolate-covered pretzels weave together delightful flavors and a potent, positive cause, delivering smiles and fostering change in every purchase. Our dozen chocolate covered pretzels come packaged in a decorative gold box. Join us in crafting a tale of sweetness and renewal.

    Check our ingredients page for more information.

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