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Love, Encapsulated in Every Bite with Our One Dozen Hearts Premium Assorted Chocolate Box! Celebrate the resonance of love and rich Belgian chocolate with our One Dozen Hearts Premium Assorted Chocolate Box, where every bite whispers love and promises rich delicious flavors. Nestled in an enchanting box, each of the 12 solid chocolate hearts is a pledge of premium quality, unforgettable taste, and pure affection.


Why Choose Hope Chocolates’ Assorted Chocolate Hearts?

  • A Memorable Gift: Signifying love and care through each rich, chocolatey heart.
  • Top-Quality Chocolate: Offering a deep, rich chocolate experience.
  • Spread Love and Impact: Every purchase supports our mission, intertwining your gifts with purpose and impact.

One Dozen Hearts Premium Assorted Chocolate

SKU: HC1053
Chocolate Type
  • Your Box of Hearts Features:

    • Pure Deliciousness: 9 oz. of meticulously crafted, imported Belgian chocolate.
    • Exquisite Presentation: Delivered in a stunning decorative box, it's love at first sight!
    • Perfect for Special Moments: Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or simply expressing love.

    Our hearts come in a 5 x 6 inch box. Check our ingredients page for more information.

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