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Unwrap a World of Captivating Shapes and Delicious Flavors with Hope Chocolates’ Ganache! Each piece is an artistic work and a culinary delight consisting of different, unique flavors and beautiful premium chocolate craftsmanship.


Presenting our Assorted Chocolate Ganche - your entre into the world of fine milk, dark, and white chocolate enrobing a center of chocolate ganache. There is a piece for every taste.


Why Choose Our Assorted Chocolate Ganache Box?

  • Experience Diversity: A journey with varied, exquisite flavors, celebrating the love for chocolate in many captivating forms.
  • Elegance in a Box: Elegant chocolate pieces displayed in an elegant box, a treat for the eyes as much as for the tastebuds.
  • Gift with Purpose: Beyond a delightful present, your purchase echoes our mission at Hope Chocolates, sharing love and skills with our employee community.

With every box of Hope Chocolates’ assorted ganache, you’re not just giving an elegant box of fine chocolates, you becoming a part of the transforming story, the Hope Chocolates' story.

Ganache Assorted 24 pieces

SKU: HC1104
  • Each Box contains:

    • 10 pieces of premium Dark Chocolate - A glorious combination of art and flavor!
    • 10 pieces of premium Milk Chocolate - A delightful mixture of craftmanship and smooth milk chocolate taste!
    • 4 pieces of premium White Chocolate - A blend of sweet white chocolate in pleasing shapes!
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