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Blossom Unforgettable Moments with Hope Chocolates’ Two Dozen Roses Premium Milk Chocolate Box! Embark on a journey through delicate, Belgian milk chocolate roses with our Two Dozen Roses Premium Milk Chocolate Box, where every silken bite unravels a story of luxe indulgence and impactful love. Carefully cradled within a graceful 5x6 inch box, each of the 24 solid milk chocolate roses symbolizes a bond of scrumptious quality, endearing taste, and compassionate giving.

Why Pluck Hope Chocolates’ Milk Chocolate Roses?

  • An Expressive Gift: Representing love and kindness through each sweet, chocolatey rose.
  • Premium Chocolate Experience: Delivering a tender, lush milk chocolate adventure.
  • Cultivating Impact: Every purchase nurtures our mission, braiding your gifting with meaningful impact.

Embark with Hope Chocolates on a path through lush chocolate gardens while becoming an ambassador of hope and skill – that's our sweet pledge to you. Unbox a universe where every chocolate rose blossoms with love, premium quality, and a whisper of transformative change.

Two Dozen Roses Premium Milk Chocolate 5 oz

SKU: HC1014
  • A Garden of Features in Your Box:

    • Sweet Elegance: 5 oz. of finely crafted, imported Belgian milk chocolate.
    • Artful Presentation: Housed in a charming 5x6 inch ecorative box, presenting a visual and tasteful delight!
    • A Versatile Gift: Perfect for birthdays, a gift of appreciation, to treat yourself, or simply to spread love and cheer.

    Check our ingredients page for more information.

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