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What hope tastes like ...

Premium chocolate - Premier calling

Welcome to Hope Chocolates. We offer premium chocolate products crafted with imported Belgian chocolate. But our calling is to provide employment to men released from prison. Order today for your family and friends, and support our calling of transforming people's lives .

Why buy from us?

  • Quality: Our chocolate is outstanding, you won't find any better.

  • Impact: 100% of your order provides employment and mentoring to men released from prison.

  • Unique: We are the only chocolate business in the world with our mission of mentoring ex-offenders.

  • Commitment: We have been working with incarcerated men for 25 years.


The Story of Hope Chocolates

We founded Hope Chocolates with two goals in mind: we wanted to create a business that manufactures and sells premium chocolate products to a variety of consumers. But primarily, we wanted to build a business that provides hope to men and women by providing them with employment following their release from prison, encouraging them, building their job skills, and life skills, and discipling them as they learn to become servant-leaders, realizing God’s power to transform hearts.

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